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February 26, 2019

It is the rise of strong, durable, tooth-colored materials that has led to a surge in the popularity of cosmetic restorations. Here at Santa Fe Family Dental, we make use of porcelain and ceramic to address weakened or damaged teeth, as well as to make teeth that have aesthetic flaws and imperfections look better.
At one time, it was necessary to use amalgam (metal) to make dental crowns if they were to stand up to to long term usage. But now the same can be accomplished by baking porcelain onto a metal substrate, thereby still creating a visually appealing restoration. Many others are made entirely of porcelain or ceramic, and because these are materials that at nearly identical in color to your teeth, the blend in seamlessly. The result is that when you smile, there is no way to determine that you have anything but a full set of natural looking teeth. And since crowns are used by our cosmetic dentist in Gainesville for many situations, such as to secure a bridge, complete an implant, or augment a tooth that has had root canal therapy, there are myriad opportunities for our cosmetic dentist in Gainesville to give you the benefit of tooth-colored restorations. Veneers are also made out of porcelain. They perform functions similar to that done by crowns, but are placed in front of your teeth instead of on top of them. They therefore cover up chips, misshapen or crooked teeth, wide gaps and more.

It is not necessary to simply get used to your teeth not looking the way you want them to, nor to have an otherwise fine smile marred by an obvious metal crown. You can depend on our cosmetic dentist in Gainesville to offer you solutions that are both useful and visually appealing, No need to choose. Reach out to our office and book an appointment right now.

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