Gainesville Root Canal

March 14, 2019

If you need root canal, you might be nervous about it, but you don't have to be. At Santa Fe Family Dental, the use of modern techniques and advanced equipment makes it no more complicated than putting in a filling. And the benefit of keeping your natural tooth is well worth the effort. We want you to know all the important details about this essential treatment so you'll feel relaxed and at ease about it, and you will not hesitate to come in when it's necessary.

The causes that are associated with our Gainesville root canal are cavities, loose or lost fillings, and chipped and cracked teeth, all of which permit bacteria to get inside your tooth. The result is an infection in the delicate pulp, which carries your tooth's blood supply. It is right next to the nerve. The symptoms? The most crucial one is pain, which is typically obvious when you chew food, or when you apply pressure to the tooth in any way. If you eat something cold or drink something hot (or vice versa), you are likely to experience sensitivity. Other signs that you might observe are swelling, gum tenderness, and tooth discoloration. You may be a good candidate for our Gainesville root canal, but the only way to know for sure is to come in for an examination and x-rays. Once an evaluation has been made, you'll be presented with your treatment options. If your tooth is deemed to be unsuitable for successful root canal therapy, the only other choice is to extract the tooth, which is not ideal. Keeping your natural tooth strong and viable, and maintaining a full smile is always the better outcome.

To schedule a visit and determine if our Gainesville root canal is right for you, just call our office and we will have you seen right away.

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